Anklets have always been the favorite ornament of Indian women. These are the most important icons of Indian culture and embody femininity and grace. Payals are also considered as an auspicious gift to give newborn girls and newly wedded brides. With time and generations, the designs of anklets are transformed a lot.

 Payal ( Anklets ) ideas in 2021

If you are too conscious about your look, the anklets are a hot pick for you. Nowadays, lots of trendy, stylish, and sleek anklets are available in the market. Among those anklets, few designs are given below. So, read the blog thoroughly to know more about these anklet designs.

  • Antique Pearl Anklets:

If you are an antique lover, then the lovely antique pearl anklet will grab your heart. These traditional payals are made out of sea pearls along with crystal stones and brass metal-studded in it. This latest payal design gives a gorgeous look when worn with ethnic attire or saree.

You can give your leg a royal look by wearing the antique pearl payal at weddings, party, or any festival. The best thing with these payals is they are durable, remain shining for years, and have an excellent finish. But you have to keep away these anklets from moisture, chemicals, and water perfume.

  • Beaded Anklets:

Beaded anklets are made for those women who love to play with colors. If you are one of them, this cute and trendy payal design is the best option to choose. The best thing about beads is that they come in different shapes like stars, tubes, and hearts. Hence, you get to choose from a variety of styles.

You can wear this ultimate beaded payal with your beachwear, western outfits, and casual attire. You can also pair your beaded anklets with colorful strappy heels or flip-flops.  You can easily grab the attention of the party or event by wearing this graceful and stylish ornament.

  • Polki Anklets:

Polki payals are the most popular anklet design in the jewelry world. These payals are made with a combination of gold and polki diamonds with crystal beads studded in them. You can pair these graceful polki payals with your ethnic wear, festive wear, silk saree, designer wear, and other outfits.

This polki design payal covers almost your full feet to make them look graceful and grand. You can also wear this versatile polki payal with traditional outfits like Ghagra or even Churidar. You can wear traditional polki payal in marriage, sangeet, and other traditional occasions.

  • Birthstone Anklets:

Do you believe in birthstones and their energy and power? If yes, these birthstone anklets are for you. These payals have birthstones studded in them such as pearls, cat-eye, and turquoise. These payals help you in attracting the power of your birthstone. You can also flaunt your leg by wearing these funky payals. The cheapest versions of these payals like crystals or cubic zirconia are also available in the market. This cool accessory will give a gorgeous look. You can also use these funky payals as your hand bracelets. These birthstone anklets give you a girlish look.

  • Charm Anklets:

Do you like to wear sleek, stylish, and simple jewellery? If yes, you must go with charm anklets. These classic charm payals are light weighted and extremely attractive. If you wear these elegant payals, they will give you a perfect touch to everyone’s eyes. These payals are versatile and designed in various ways.

Charm payal comes in various metals. This charm payal is an ideal option when you are making a plan to gift something to your college girls and young women. So give yourself an ultimate look by wearing these charm payals.

  • Letter Anklets:

Are you willing to add a little personalized touch in your person with the jewellery? If you want to flaunt yourself creatively, alphabet or letter anklets are definitely for you. These payals allow you to speak through your feet. These are made of metals like rose gold, yellow gold and silver and come in the metal name bar.

You can also find ready messages like Mom, Love, etc., specific names, or other designs on these payals. These payals come in more basic colors. Hence, you can easily pop up your letter nicely.

  • Shell Anklets:

Shell Anklets are the latest and funky payals available in the jewellery market. These payals are more creative, fashionable, and stylish. You can pair your shell payals with your casual top, skirts, and shorts to give you a cool look. While making a plan of going out on a beach, you can wear these stylish payals. You can highlight your feet with the amazing shell payals. They come in numerous designs from a simple anklet to a heavy boho design.

  • Heart Anklets:

The minimalistic design and decent look make this anklet a beautiful piece to have in your wardrobe. They are made of alloy, titanium steel, and studded with wonderful diamonds and beads. These lightweight and stylish anklets with velvet bands give a gorgeous look to your feet when pairing with evening gowns.


  • Rhinestone Anklets:

These beautiful and impressive payals are made of alloy, gold beads, and rhinestones. They come in numerous designs and colors. The rhinestone payals will help in looking extra enticing. Due to its personalized name design, you can have designated for your mother, sister, or wife to gift or surprise them on special occasions like Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s Day, mom’s day or another anniversary.

  • Boho Beach Anklets:

Boho beach anklets are like a boon for stylish women. These payals are gold beads and alloy. The beautifully designed boho beach payals promise to give you a delicate and impressive look. You can match this ultimately designed payal with any outfit.

So these are a few types of trendy anklets that you must know to give you a beautiful look. Besides these anklets, you can find more types of wholesale anklets in the market too. Accessories and fashion are an integral part of our lives, and we ensure that you are not left behind with anything in this fashion arena.

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