How to Wear Bracelets: The Complete Guide for Men & Women

Bracelets are like chic and classic ornament pieces that instantly accentuate the look of your outfit.  It’s like an umbrella for any kind of ornamental category worn on the wrist. Wrists are the thinnest organ of the body that also has the right to shine. So when it comes to accentuating personality, bracelets play a vital role. By wearing a decent and stylish bracelet, you can easily grasp the attention of others. Nowadays, you can find a wide variety of bracelets in the market. From beaded bracelets to gold bracelets, the bracelets come in tons of designs and styles. To get a trend and beautiful look, it’s too important to select the right bracelet that compliments your outfit.

Here are a few bracelet designs for men & women that will help in accentuating your outfit and your personality. So have a look over these classy and trendy bracelets.

Macramé Bracelet

For wearing this macramé bracelet, you need to do a bit of practice for wearing it. The bracelet cords are understated. For making this bracelet, you will need to learn how to tie different knots and their weaving techniques to create it. You can also make use of the colorful beads while creating this beautiful macramé bracelet. You can also add a slider knot to adjust the bracelet.

Wrap Bracelet

A wrap bracelet has its material’s one long length which is used to wound around the wrist two or more times. These bracelets are more similar to the stacked bracelets and help you in adding a stylish look to your outfit. These bracelets are made of beads, leather, or macramé. Both men and women can use these ultimate wrap bracelets.

Tennis Bracelet

The tennis bracelets are made of many small gemstone beads and diamonds. They are like chain bracelets. These tennis bracelets are very pretty and expensive bracelets available in the market. You can mimic this style bracelet by making use of a rhinestone chain at a much cheaper price.

Multi-Strand Bracelet

These multi-strand bracelets are made of two or more rows of decorative material. These rows are attached at a minimum of one point like the clasp. These bracelets can be prepared by making use of multiple strands either of the same material or different materials. For example- you can make a bracelet by making use of a strand of beads together with a piece of leather cord. You can also make a bracelet for yourself by making use of numerous strands of beads attached.

Chain Bracelet

These bracelets are made of chains. Some of them are made by the composition of a series of links that tend to be of any size or style. Chain bracelets are the simplest type of bracelets. For making such a bracelet, you just need to choose a piece of chain that can be of any material like- silver, gold, and, platinum. They have an attached closure that allows you to put on or remove the bracelet easier and quicker.

Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets are made of wood, clay, or bones. In ancient times, people wore these bracelets to keep themselves away from evil spirits or bad luck. After that, they started to wear charm bracelets as an epitome of political or religious, sentimental life events, and to represent fashion trends. Whatever, the reason is to wear this bracelet. You can wear this beautiful bracelet to give a touch of elegance to your wrists.

Cuff Bracelet

Cuff bracelets are made of metal or other materials that can hold the shape. These bracelets do not have clasps but have an opening that allows you to slide the bracelet over your wrist. You can easily adjust the cuff opening just by squeezing it.  But if you pull the cuff bracelet, again and again, it results in changing the shape of the bracelet. It can also weaken the cuff material.

Beaded Bracelet

Beaded bracelets are made of materials like glass, metal, and plastic. It’s very easy to customize the style and color of the bracelet according to your choice.

 Bracelet Wearing Guide

Go through this bracelet-wearing guide to give yourself a gorgeous look. By making use of this bracelet-wearing guide, you can easily grasp the attention of others towards your wrists.

  • Buy smartly

You can’t buy a piece of jewelry or accessories just because it looks trendy and it’s cheap or inexpensive. If you are doing it, you need to think for a second. While shopping for accessories, you should try to buy those accessories which you can wear with your outfits and other clothes. If your chosen bracelet is going to match your outfits then you must drop the idea of buying it. You should choose that bracelet that is never going to be out of fashion and style and you can wear it for a long time.

  • Consider sleeve length

This is the most important factor while wearing a bracelet. While wearing a bracelet, if you wear a long-sleeved dress or outfit then it does not make any sense of wearing a bracelet. You have to pull your sleeves up to show off your bracelet with the long-sleeved dress. So, avoid wearing long-sleeved dresses while wearing bracelets. You can wear outfits that have ¾ length sleeves when you wear a bracelet.

  • Consider your event

While choosing which piece to wear, you should consider your environment. While working, if you don’t want your bracelet to not make a noise and not disrupt the work environment, you should wear a thin and stylish bracelet. You can match a neutral bracelet with your stylish outfit. While going for dinner with your friends, you can wear a chunky bangle. Hence, a bit of consideration about the event can help you in looking at your personality ultimately.

  • Do not mix metals

While mixing or matching works great, but you can’t mix metals. Otherwise, it will give you a messy look. If you are going to wear gold jewelry, you can match a gold beaded bracelet with it. The same thing applies while wearing silver. If you are going to wear a silver bracelet, you should wear silver jewelry all the way. Mixing of metals does not lead to giving a fashionable look and can result in giving you a messy look.

  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match

Don’t load your both wrists with all your bracelets while going out with your friends. But, you can do a few experiments with your bracelets. You can try to wear a couple of bracelets of different colors, different patterns, or different widths. This kind of experiment will add visual interest to your outfit. Mixing multiple bracelets give you a beautiful look.

  • Consider the size

While choosing the bracelet to wear, the width of the band, the size of beads, and the weight of the bracelet also matter. If you want to complement your appearance then you should select the bracelet according to your bone structure. Hence, you can add an elegant touch to your personality. For example- you can wear a wide bracelet if your wrists are small. While having large wrists, you can wear a small bracelet. In the case of large wrists, you can match chunky bracelets with your outfit. If you have narrow wrists, delicate bracelets are the best option for you.

  • Choose a bracelet with multiple functions

Bracelets are more than a simple accessory. Some bracelets are available in the market that work double as watches. While some bracelets state the medical conditions and some are being used for displaying your mood through different colors. It’s not more effective to wear two accessories at once. So, multi-purpose bracelets are the best option to opt for. In this way, you can style your accessories as a tool for everyday use.

  • Explore different bracelet styles

Accessories play an important role in adding an interesting detail to your usual look. You can explore different bracelet styles, instead of your usual bangles and chain bracelets. Lots of bracelets are in fashion today like bead bracelets, leather bracelets, prayer bracelets, bohemian style bracelets, and macramé bracelets. You can make use of these bracelet styles according to your outfit.

  • Keep it classic

If you are going to wear a black dress for giving yourself a classic look then you should wear a beautiful silver or gold bracelet.  You can also add same-hued hoop earrings to look stunning. But you have to take care that should look overloaded.

  • Comfort comes first

You should not wear a chunky bracelet if you are feeling comfortable wearing it. You should not compromise with our comfort level. While choosing a bracelet for wearing that will help you in feeling snugly on your wrist.

By making use of this bracelet, you can give yourself a stunning look. If you are making a plan to purchase wholesale bracelets, you can connect with us. We have a wide variety of bracelets of different styles and designs. So contact us to have the right bracelet for you.

Different Types of Bracelets to Explore

Types Of bracelets to know about (Before You Buy Your Next Bracelet). With so many different types of bracelets on the market, it can be quite confusing trying to decipher the differences between them. While there is some debate on exactly how many types of bracelets exist or how to categorize them, we’ve come up with a complete list and give a brief on the main groupings.

Find the latest collection of stylish bracelets at affordable prices online at Silvesto India. We have a wide range of trendy bracelets designs like Silver bracelets, Beaded Bracelet, Tassel bracelets, Macrame bracelets, Leather bracelets, Chips bracelets, Pearl bracelets, etc.

Silver Bracelets

Since decades, Silver is considered nothing less than a luxury. We have always heard of the phrase ‘silver spoon’ which signifies wealth. Joyalukkas silver collection binds the aura of luxury in the shape and shine of jewellery. Silver jewellery has its own essence of being timeless and classy. In today’s era Silver is actually trending as it’s easy to wear and blends well with all kinds of outfits. From a newborn baby to a grown-up, silver bracelets is something that can never lose their grace when worn.

Silvesto India silver bracelets are mostly freeform designs with elegant curves and polished skin. A perfecto! For your loved ones. Best Selling designs in the most affordable price to make the wearer feel like one in a million.

Beaded Bracelet

One of the simplest ways to make a bracelet is to string beads onto some tiger tail or cord and add a fastening. Beaded bracelets never seem to go out of fashion as there are many variations of this simple design. Smaller beads will, of course, create more delicate bracelets and large beads will create something which is a bit more statement.

Tassel Bracelet

This tassel bracelet is a great gift for anyone who loves rhinestone pins and brooches or fashion accessories. Our Solitaire bracelet with tassels is your go-to accessory to keep you sparkling all day long. Adjustable and dainty it can be added to your arm stack!

Leather Bracelet

In the modern context, leather bracelets are worn by both men and women more for personal embellishment than anything more practical. The shape, size, and overall appearance of these bracelets reflect the wearer’s personality, taste, social standing, and even lifestyle choices.

Chips Bracelet

Enjoy gemstone beauty the easy way with our lovely range of gemstone chip bracelets. These stylish bracelets are made with tumbled chips of crystal, polished to show off the wonderful colours of the stone. These gemstone bracelets are easy to wear but really refresh an outfit. They make great gifts as do our gemstone chip necklaces.

Pearl Bracelet

They are class, sophistication, and refinement. Pearl jewelry goes perfect with simple, tasteful ensembles and adds a touch of elegance to more modern looks. You may be accustomed to wearing a pearl necklace, earrings, or even pearled clothing.

Macrame Bracelet

Do you love all things macrame? Skip the wall hangings and planters to make some jewelry instead. These macrame bracelet patterns are perfect for beginner, intermediate, and advanced crafters. We’ve included a variety of styles as well, so you’re more likely to find something you’ll actually wear. We did our best to make sure that there is something for everyone.


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