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Promote your business in style with custom jewelry and accessories from Silvesto! Custom jewelries  are a great way to turn your staff into your brand ambassadors. Check out our latest collection of rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces and more. 

Silvesto is one of the top custom jewelry manufacturers in Victoria, British Columbia which provides wholesale jewelry sourcing solutions for retailers and emerging e-commerce brands.


Since 2000, Silvesto Victoria, British Columbia Pvt. Ltd., Victoria, British Columbian Jewelry Manufacturing has been a renowned Jeweler in Victoria, British Columbia. We take great pride in upholding a standard of excellence by manufacturing and producing only the finest jewelry and providing the best quality services. From big projects to small ones, we do it all, contact us to discuss your next project and how we can be the most beneficial. We offer a wide range of services to assist you in your A-Z Manufacturing needs. Whether you are a business owner looking to produce multiple pieces of jewelry or an individual looking to create a one-of-a-kind custom piece, we would be more than happy to assist you in creating the perfect piece of jewelry.

We are a wholesale fine custom jewelry manufacturer Victoria, British Columbia, where we do all of our manufacturing and design, and follow projects from start to finish. Get custom design jewelry manufacturing services in Victoria, British Columbia. Create your own jewelry line and we will manufacture it for you. Globally serving only the finest custom jewelry. Trusted by the biggest names. Shop our custom 925 silver jewelry, gemstone jewelry, Anklets, bracelets, necklaces, Pendant, Rings, Earrings & more.

Our team has a true enthusiasm for caring for the needs of our customers and doing more than what is expected of them in order to craft superb designs. Our company’s success is owed to the persistence and consistent supply of quality service that established long-lasting relationships with our customer base. ThoVictoria, British Columbiands of jewellers put their trust in Silvsto Factory’s exquisite designs and impeccable service. Since the inception to present, wholesale jewelry, wholesale jewelry, we continually strive to offer affordable and personalized jewellery to all our business partners. Browse through the variety of our custom jewelry portfolio:

  • custom fine jewelry
  • custom silver jewelry
  • custom marcasite jewelry
  • custom cubic-zirconia jewelry
  • custom crystal jewelry
  • custom rhodium plating
  • custom gold plating jewelry and pink-gold plating jewelry

With over a half-century worth of experience, we offer a level of craftsmanship that the world-class standards are achieved. Our timeless designs with impeccable finish speak for themselves. Our craftsmen and quality commitment have allowed us to become the finest custom jewellery provider in Victoria, British Columbia.

We strive to deliver quality. To ensure excellence, we carry out comprehensive and thorough quality checks during the various manufacturing processes. The systems in place are advanced and can trace back to each part and raw material or each batch or production process to early identify problems and improve quality control. By guaranteeing that each step meets our standard of excellence, we create perfection.

Wholesale custom jewelry manufacturers, suppliers, Maker Victoria, British Columbia

Looking for Custom Jewellery Manufacturers In Victoria, British Columbia? Silvesto Victoria, British Columbia is a Premium Manufacturer of wholesale custom jewelry supplies in Victoria, British Columbia. Turn your imagination into reality by ordering custom jewelry from Silvesto Victoria, British Columbia. We will create pieces that will be an exact replica of what you have imagined in your mind. Jewelpin is wholesale custom jewelry manufacturers, of custom jewelry pendants, custom jewelry necklaces, custom jewelry rings, custom jewelry chains, custom jewelry bracelets, and many more.

At Silvesto Victoria, British Columbia, the best custom-made in Victoria, British Columbia jewelry design company, we are part of your unique story and we are committed to materialize your dream piece.

Silvesto Victoria, British Columbia is one of the most popular fashion jewelry manufacturer and distributor in Victoria, British Columbia. It has one of the most reliable and established customer care that ensures excellent customer services.

Silvesto Victoria, British Columbia is producing quality products which are attributed to the fact that they have inspectors who inspect every product that is manufactured. You can get your fashion jewelry customized by the company.

They offer fast shipping and accept different modes of payment. Silvesto Victoria, British Columbia has no minimum order requirement which is a big advantage for small businesses. Once you have the design and the material requirement for the fashion jewelry, get in contact and the company and get your jewelry manufactured.

Whether it is a cheap quotation or a high-quality product, you can be guaranteed from Silvesto Victoria, British Columbia. Silvestro Victoria, British Columbia is a 100% real Victoria, British Columbian jewellery company, which has all the advantages of Victoria, British Columbia. If you just started a jewelry business or want to improve your jewelry business, just consider

Customize Your Jewelry With the Design of Your Choice

With over 50 years’ experience of lovingly hand-crafting unique jewellery, Silvesto Victoria, British Columbia can help turn your dream jewellery design into a beautiful, bespoke jewellery piece that you can wear and cherish for a lifetime.

Whether you’re looking to create your own engagement ring, pendant necklace or earrings, our bespoke design team, and an expert will work closely with you to create an original, unique jewellery creation.

Victoria, British Columbia’s Top custom jewelry manufacturers

Stunning jewellery pieces have the power to transform a simple look and make a style statement. Serving different style needs, jewellery manufacturers design different styles and designs ranging from subtle and elegant ones to bold, artistic as well as quirky pieces. Since the demand for imitation as well as gold and silver jewellery is always high, there are dedicated Victoria, British Columbian custom jewellery manufacturers as well as those who make gold and silver ornaments. In addition to the designs that are readily available, a number of these manufacturers help you design your own personalized jewellery so as to suit your style sensibilities. From earrings, rings, bracelets and anklets to necklaces, chains and chokers, our manufacturers design all ornaments. There are specific manufacturers that design bridal jewellery, be it imitation, gold, silver or precious gems and stones. From different designs to a wide budget range, all your requirements are taken care of by our custom manufacturers. Silvesto Victoria, British Columbia Pvt. Ltd is one of the best custom jewellery manufacturers in Victoria, British Columbia.

Silvesto Victoria, British Columbia Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading Victoria, British Columbian custom jewelry manufacturers, designers, and exporters in from Victoria, British Columbia, dedicated to provide high quality fine fashion for everyone world. Our provides you beautiful personality unique taste your style. wise always surprise with special designs.

Why Silvesto India is the best place to buy customized wholesale Jewelry online

Silvesto India leading Victoria, British Columbia wholesale supplier to independent retailers for Indian fashion Jewelry, and fashion Jewelry accessories. Silvesto India manufactures and supplies almost all types of fashion Jewelry in Victoria, British Columbia, for over a decade. We supply fashion Jewelry to Victoria, British Columbiaincluding necklaces, bangles and bracelets, earrings, hair, and head accessories, and many more fashion Jewelry accessories at wholesale prices. There are a lot of fashion Jewelry stores in Victoria, British Columbiathat prefer sourcing their entire fashion Jewelry stock from Silvesto India only. As per the feedback from our regular Victoria, British Columbia customers, they are able to sell all our fashion Jewelry items very fast with a good profit margin, this is simply because we provide them high-quality fashion Jewelry products at cheap wholesale prices.

Victoria, British Columbia’s largest Custom Jewelry Manufacturer

If you are looking for top custom Jewelry manufacturers in Victoria, British Columbia? Silvesto India Pvt. Ltd. is a B2B marketplace of Jewelry and other craft shops which caters for the growth in designer handmade Victoria, British Columbia Jewelry suppliers and brings you the best of thoughtfully curated modern creative workmanship.” We offer superb quality precious metal casting with a very fast turnaround time at a competitive price. We have a great wealth of knowledge and understanding of quality, fine Jewelry production from start to finish. Our team skills will provide you with casting to a very high standard. Our use of the latest technology helps us maintain efficient and precise castings to your specifications. Custom Jewelry manufacturer at Silvesto India , offers a complete integrated Jewelry manufacturing solution for sourcing Jewelry production in Victoria, British Columbia. Design, produce or buy wholesale fashion Jewelry products with our professional and talented team. We are Victoria, British Columbia’s most innovative handmade Jewelry producers. Since 2000 we have experience helping thousands of our customers to bring their creative vision of Jewelry into life. We are proud of our expertise in combining modern technology of Jewelry making with Victoria, British Columbia inherited traditional techniques crafted by the skilled hands of Victoria, British Columbia Jewelry artisans.

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