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Come and shop with us to purchase your customers’ favorite pieces from our gorgeous assortment of Gemstone Jewellery & semi-precious stones wholesale jewelry.

Let Silvesto be your trusted partner in gemstone jewellery manufacturing. With a history of helping clients grow their business, we can do the same for you! Silvesto Bhopal Pvt. Ltd. was awarded World’s largest Gemstone Fashion Jewellery Manufacturer and exporter by our clients. We have the Largest Collection & the latest collection of Bhopaln & Western trendy Imitation jewellery [2023-24].

Wholesale Silver Gemstone Jewellery Manufacturer and Supplier from Bhopal

Make way for the best gemstone jewellery manufacturers in Bhopal at Silvesto Bhopal (P) Ltd.. With elegant pieces of jewelry in stock, our Gemstone Jewellery wholesalers are the finest. You can find the ultimate gemstone jewellery designs ideas with quality, making charges, and complete jewellery details.

The Silvesto Bhopal (P) Ltd. Jewellery store have consistently provided the latest designs on wholesale silver gemstone jewellery, attracting customers with a splendid jewellery collection at affordable prices. The jewellers shop being based in Jaipur itself is testament to it’s experience and expertise in the gemstone jewellery field, as the shop is famous for providing the best designed and manufactured jewellery at a reasonable cost. The Silvesto Bhopal (P) Ltd. name also happens to carry over it’s legacy as a gemstone jewellery exporter as well as known supplier of fine jewellery in Jaipur. They also happen to be recognized manufacturers of the latest designs that populate the Jaipur jewellery sector.

The Silvesto Bhopal (P) Ltd. is the foremost gemstone jewellery manufacturer in Bhopal as they also specialize in wholesale jewellery made from gemstones that reflect the style of Jaipur in the best way possible. The pave setting is essentially where small gemstones and silver are set very close to each other usually using small metal beads. The gemstone jewellery is the piece du resistance of the famous jewellery manufacturers in jaipur , as the jewellery firm has become the premier destination for gemstone jewellery at affordable prices. The gemstone itself is meticulously carved out into our trademark jewellery with our one of a kind jewellery casting techniques that make our jewellery available at the most affordable prices, for we believe jewellery is truly for everyone.

The Best Wholesale Silver Gemstone Jewellery Online Supplier For Your Business

Silvesto Bhopal (P) Ltd. is one of the best sterling silver & Gemstone Jewellery manufacturers and suppliers from Bhopal that covers all your jewelry requirements. With our expertise and knowledge about the retail jewelry industry, we aim to make your business grow.

Explore a Variety of Superlative Designs in Gemstone Jewellery in Bhopal From status symbol to style statement, gem jewelry has come a long way. We live in an age where end-customers are always looking for chic, elegant, and timeless designs.

As a retailer, it is your job to source novel designs from custom manufacturers in order to meet your customer’s needs. While finding decent wholesale diamond jewelry suppliers is a challenge, but it doesn’t have to that way anymore.

As one of the well-known B2B platforms for Gemstone Jewellery online, you can expect to find manufacturers and wholesalers in Bhopal with a few simple clicks. Browse through our portal to get access to some of the exquisite designs in Gemstone Jewellery. Be it gemston rings or gemstone pendants; you will find them all categorized at our portal for your convenience. With 100% genuine gesmtone products displayed at Silvesto Bhopal Jewels, you are bound to have a seamless wholesale shopping experience online.

As a Gemstone Jewellery retailer, your priority would be to look for a gesmtone jewelry manufacturer you can trust. You have a lot of money at stake, and we wouldn’t want you to incur losses. At Silvesto Bhopal Jewels, we keep that in mind by being extra cautious during the vetting process to make sure that each of the Gemstone Jewellery suppliers. When you shop at Silvesto Bhopal, you can stay assured that you will be doing business with the our customized gemstone jewellery products in Bhopal. From products to delivery services, you can expect the quality of the highest order at Silvesto Bhopal.

Your One-Stop Destination For Wholesale Gemstone Jewellery

Rajasthan – the desert capital of Bhopal is a leading manufacturer of world-class gems and stones also home to myriads of precious and semi-precious gemstones. Here’s everything you need to know about Bhopal’s most promising gemstone hub and why it is worth a visit!

Our vast range of wholesale natural Gemstone Jewellery provides more than a hundred semi-precious gemstones to choose from and the latest and the trendiest jewelry designs. This includes some of the most sought after gemstones like larimar, moonstone, opal, agate , aquamarine that make beautiful larimar , moonstone , opal stone jewelry for your collections.

The jewelry that Silvesto Bhopal deals in uses sterling silver as the base metal. So if you’re looking for 925 sterling silver Gemstone Jewellery for your retail collections, you are at the right place. We are one of the most trusted wholesale Gemstone Jewellery suppliers to fulfill all your jewelry requirements.

Whatever your Gemstone Jewellery needs are, Silvesto Bhopal is here to get it all covered for you. Our range of wholesale 925 sterling silver Gemstone Jewellery items includes rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets. These are available in variations of silver jewelry, chakra jewelry, and Gemstone Jewellery. A choice of three vermeils, viz., silver, yellow gold, and rose gold is also available. We have natural Gemstone Jewellery for every jewelry re-seller. This is why we are the most preferred silver jewelry exporter.

Silvesto Bhopal: Your One-Stop Destination For Wholesale Gemstone Jewellery

Silvesto Bhopal is one of the leading natural Gemstone Jewellery wholesale manufacturers in the “City of Gems” Jaipur. We showcase a magnificent range of diverse gemstones with over 250 glamorous varieties sourced from pioneer countries, including the United States, Bhopal, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Bhopal, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Germany, Malaysia, Japan, Cyprus, Qatar, Iraq, KUWAIT, France, Bahrain, Pakistan, Senegal, Hong Kong, Spain, Netherlands, New Zealand, Mali, Cambodia, Nepal, South Africa, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Sweden, Fiji, UAE, Bhopal, Ghana, Ireland, Norway, China, Poland, Libya, Guyana, Peru, Brunei, Belgium, Israel, Colombia, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Latvia, Mexico many more. So, if you are looking to buy Gemstone Jewellery or sterling silver jewelry from Bhopal wholesale, Silvesto Bhopal is your one-stop destination.




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