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Custom Jewelry Manufacturer

In this fashion era, the market is flooded with a variety of stylish jewellery. At present, jewellery of various designs is sold. If you forget gold and silver for some time, then you will see that a special type of jewelry is sold in the market, which is completely handmade. There is a lot of demand for this type of custom jewelry in the market today.

Silvesto India (P) Ltd. is your personal jeweler. Turn your inspiration into one-of-a-kind fine custom jewelry. Have a jewelry design idea? Silvesto India (P) Ltd. is where you can share your ideas & get custom-made designer jewelry for yourself or for your loved ones. We design and personalize for customers. We create handmade engraved jewelry & custom charms for your designs.

Check out our custom made jewelry selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from Online Jewellery Shopping Store.

Silvesto India (P) Ltd is one of the leading wholesale custom jewellery manufacturers in the USA, UK, Asia, UAE, Japan, and Europe. We specialise in precious gemstones & jewellery casting for jewellers. Get Customized fashionable Jewellery online for men, women & girls from World’s Top Jewellery Manufacturers, Suppliers, Wholesalers, Wholesale, Exporters. We connect Buyers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Exporters and Re-Sellers directly with Genuine Manufacturers, Bulk Wholesalers, Importers and Designers.

At Silvesto India (P) Ltd., We Design And Manufacture Bespoke Jewellery – As Unique, As You!

Our Studio Is An Atelier Of Custom-Made Jewellery, Inspired By “You”, Made For “You” And Within “Your” Budget!

Buy Custom-Made Jewellery Online And Design Your Own Heirloom Jewellery.

All You Have To Do Is Share Your Ideas And We Will Do The Rest!

About Silvesto India (P) Ltd. - Wholesale custom jewelry manufacturers, maker, supplier from India

 Silvesto India (P) Ltd. is one of the best jewelry manufacturers. We are the biggest online keep design preserving in view retailers, resellers, and boutique proprietors of trend and Imitation Jewelry in India and Abroad. We are leading in the market because of our satisfied customers. Most of our clients got here to know about us via our satisfied customers. We offer a full scope of pendants, rings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and gemstones.  The four pillars of our jewelry are Style, Quality, Innovation, and Price.

Current graph patterns affect a lady’s domestic style, and it is of principal magnitude for pioneers in the adornments enterprise to continue to be facet using facets of these trends. We rather esteem its potential to interpret the latest articulations of style, joined with notable configuration standards, into its adornments accumulations. We deal in the most contemporary trend rings to fulfil the requirements of our clients. In the meantime, we have set up what has gotten to be non as a remarkably Indian style, consolidating the high-quality of the world’s configuration to make an unmistakable appearance that stands all on my own legitimately.

We are a demonstration of our intending and constant duty to quality. In all components of our business, high-quality manipulation is a powerful core interest. Eventually, it is our customers who direct the stage of our workmanship and whose non-stop data and enter we esteem the most. In every potential inner our organization, we exercise to lead and to get hold of the high-quality practices in the business. We persistently create and improve through our specific speculation, giving our employees the units and the education that will empower them to partake in the organization’s prosperity.

We made “Silvesto India (P) Ltd.” retaining in standpoint the requirement for a sound stage concentrating principally on heavenly birthstones, jewels, and gemstone associated treasured matters different from a few enhancements at lifelike expenses. In addition to jewelry, we additionally provide our consumers’ choice of Gold plated jewelry at a very low-priced price.

In like manner, we have assured that at “Silvesto India (P) Ltd.” you have simple price preferences and several different installment alternatives so that our clients do not want to confront any troubles managing us. We are a flawless mixture of the maker, wholesalers, and exporters international and are pleasant non for our absolute gold, silver, and diamond enhancements studded with precious, semi-precious stones and treasured gemstones. Our handcrafted Jewelry is simply impeccable and flawless. The wholesale jewelry we deal in is now not solely elegant, however the great is additional power and has splendid standards.

We are one of the best wholesale jewelry suppliers for an expansive scope of gems, inferable from our extra than 15,000 easy and tremendous outlines, making any normal day a mind-boggling occasion. We join part of eternal gemstones and diamonds that are exactingly made with a proper combo of age-old persona and stunning the front line contact to provide a thorough gathering that is good whilst excessive on quality.

We additionally apprehend that you pearls are greater than simply enrichments, they are an extension of your character, and hence, we understand customized gem plans for you. So that you usually get hold of what you had in mind. Our customers are our big resources. We pay attention to the latest development additionally but the selections of our clients continue to be and will remain at the most intense need. You can likewise share your precise encounters and ideas related to handmade rings at our extraordinary outlets.

Top-notch Custom Jewellery Technology

Within countless years, one of the several exceptional jewelry formats that earned pretty an awful lot of interest inside a very little extent of time is the customized jewelry. The thinking is, of course, its epic beauty alongside innocence and comfortability. Being an era of technological know-how and more occupied life, humans frequently like to raise something gentle and effortless that they can take alongside with them to their work too.

Particularly, if it is something as treasured as a dedication or a wedding ceremony ring, or a pendant from their cherished ones. No one would like to eliminate such jewelry ever from their body. This can also be the perception that the customized jewelry pendant, customized jewelry necklaces, customized jewelry rings, customized jewelry chains, and customized jewelry bracelets received so much of appreciation, markedly amongst youths of today. Moving past the classical plan of readymade jewelry, customized jewelry is on the path to developing as the most attractive and the most preferred variety and piece of jewelry. This is the duration of custom jewelry manufacturing -elegant vogue.

Personality does weigh a lot and regularly moment’s maximum. One of the largest factors of a personage’s evolution is the feel of fashion. The persona in itself constitutes the basic posture as nicely as the apparel sense. As lots as apparel are considered, now not solely the clothing however a matching and special jewelry piece or a set is additionally a must. When it occurs to be jewelry as an epitome of prosperity and classification of tremendous personalities, solely a piece or set of customized jewelry comes to mind. The modern-day age of kids regularly favours simplicity in their average personality. And because simplicity worries universally, it refers to their jewelry too alongside their apparel. This inclination is relevant to the choice of earrings too. Since customized earrings let the consumer get a piece of jewelry identical to his aspirations, they are one of the most famous kinds of jewelry. We are one of the best silver jewelry manufacturers.

Silvesto India (P) Ltd. is the Best Custom Jewellery Manufacturer

We are Silvesto India (P) Ltd., a piece of the best custom jewelry manufacturers. We have its title covered amongst the masters and the pleasant jewelry-making companies of India. After that our growth persisted and we are nonetheless in the manner of elevating exponentially, with a mission to supply you the sizable and the ultimate wholesale customized jewelry creations. Gripping your modern thinking and running alongside a specialist, to produce a piece of jewelry novel in all its way is honestly wrathful. The gorgeous crew of us is frequently distinct as the tremendous brains are illimitable in the discipline of the jewelry making and servicing sector.

We have had an occupation throughout the earth. It is a dependable title and the fittest for your splendid profession. Many wholesale imitation jewellery suppliers all over the globe are in commercial enterprise with us for producing super jewelry products. We are no longer an alternative in neither the jewelry area nor a prominence that is too rash in its methods.

 Without neglecting and overlooking the rituals and practices behind, the Silvesto India (P) Ltd. is enthusiastic to include all modern-day vogues, styles, and methods in parallelism with the normal fashions and strategies of Wholesale customized jewelry producers and Wholesale customized jewelry designers. Moreover, we additionally furnish wholesale customized made jewelry restore help alongside with the wholesale customized made jewelry making offerings to our clients.

Silvesto India is a popular and largest wholesale Indian jewelry supplier

The trend of Indian jewelry reaches its top every month. Jewelry like Kundan, Meenakari, temple (South Indian), etc. has grown to be the desire of ladies throughout the globe. Many wholesale Indian jewelry suppliers are coming into existence due to the fact of the developing demand. You can find heaps of websites in the internet world to purchase artificial jewelry online, however, when it comes to the quality, it will become challenging to locate the one who stays on the expectations. At Silvesto India (P) Ltd., we are centered on quality. During the manner of manufacturing, we put distinct care & interest to make satisfactory ornaments. This makes us stand out from the opposition and the #1 wholesale jewelry suppliers. We have been in the business for greater than a decade and have some commitments such as presenting first-rate products, supplying aggressive prices, and bringing the ultra-modern & latest jewelry designs. So, if you are searching for Indian artificial jewelry online, we will be your one-stop destination.

We are leading jewelry factories in India from Jaipur Is Known to Custom Jewelry Manufacturer 

The works and services of Silvesto India (P) Ltd are massive and eternal; however, we nevertheless keep the trust that every piece of jewelry has some appended emotions and thoughts fastened. As a custom jewelry manufacturer, we produce the truest introduction of jewelry. As a jewelry designer, we are experts in each regular and elegant set of jewelry. Again as a jewelry dealer and an exporter, we are a true business enterprise to have an occupation with. We are an accepted and stated title amongst and as a customized gold jewelry dressmaker and manufacturer, customized diamond jewelry dressmaker and manufacturer, and customized silver jewelry dressmaker and manufacturer. 

If you are looking for something liked but remarkable and but comfortable, go with a piece or a set of customized silver jewelry, a piece or a set of customized gold jewelry, or a piece or a set of customized diamond jewelry. Anything you select, just make certain that it is something you can put on with anything, be it modernistic attire, an expert or formal apparel, or classical attire.  Customized jewelry can be an advent of any pattern and design. You can choose from the exceptional layout and the great metallic and gemstone relying on your price range and preferences. And understand that for your extraordinary piece of wholesale customized jewelry, the Silvesto India (P) Ltd. is a nice choice.

We have our customers from throughout the world, and we are this splendid due to the fact we assist all of our Customers and buddies with comparable ardour and with the Best production. We naturally symbolize our distinctiveness of the resource we currently incomplete as, a super lovely introduction as per the aspirations of our clients. Mastery in creativity is an uncommon attribute, and that is something we furnish with ease with our premier jewelry manufacturing facility in Jaipur. We are a famed identity throughout the world, which includes the UK, USA, Australia, and Japan, therefore, having a world occupancy and perception well worth boasting. 

Benefits of Buying Custom Made Jewelry & Custom Handmade Jewellery

Why not get something that completely meets your wants and your style while still providing the satisfaction that spans a lifetime? Below are 6 Benefits of Designing Custom Made Jewellery. 

1) Its Tailored to You 

When you work together with an expert jeweller to create a unique item, you can avoid the middlemen. You don’t have to ask for approval to make your choice. Instead, you can embrace your innovative vision and share it with the experienced jeweller.

A jeweller can sketch out the ring if you have the spark of an idea in your mind. Whatever your tastes or needs are, a jeweller can work with you to create a personalised and exclusive piece of art.

2) Value for Money

A Budget helps you to decide in advance how your money will work for you. It is also the number one priority with any couple getting engaged or married, as the cost of living is becoming more expensive, couples want to save as much money as possible. A custom design allows for the creation of a unique item that still fits into your budget.

3) Focus On Quality Not Quantity 

A jeweller will spend hours and days, designing and perfecting a unique piece of jewellery using the highest quality metals and stones to meet your expectations. Making a one-off design involves a level of care and focus that is sometimes missed with mass-produced jewellery. Each piece is like a work of art that represents the craft. 

4) Great Customer Service 

For Specialist products like jewellery, customer service is crucial. Understanding what the customer wants and spending time with each customer to be able to create the jewellery they have envisioned. As an owner of the business, each customer is very important; therefore, a high level of customer service is a must.

5) Creating an Emotional Connection 

When it comes to customised jewellery, the sentimental and emotional value is even greater. Knowing that you’re walking around with a carefully and painstakingly crafted piece given to you by someone you love.  Often a design is based on the concept of emotions, ideas or even memorable moments that you can recreate in a special item.  It also allows you to connect with the maker and learn their story.

You’re able to appreciate the materials and production methods chosen, including the reason for doing so. You will have a part in shaping the product’s final design so it becomes an investment and story that can be passed through generations.

6) Supporting Skills

Being a jeweller involves the ability to preserve a craft. It takes many years to gain the skills and have the ability to create a perfect piece of jewellery. Creating a custom piece of jewellery allows you to work alongside a skilled Jeweller directly and express your vision to them. This helps you with the transparency that you need when creating something important to you.

From cutting gemstones to positioning them, a quality designer involves you from the beginning of the process until the end. Customized jewellery is done by hand and the result reflects the time, effort, and skill involved.

The benefits of designing custom made jewellery is clear. It is your chance to be involved in creating a piece that you will cherish, not only for what it represents, but also because you oversaw and fine-tuned every detail of its creation from the moment the idea was conceived.  

Trustworthy - Wholesale Silver Gemstone Jewellery Online Supplier from India

Are you looking for wholesale jewellery suppliers in India? Silvesto India (P) Ltd. is a largest wholesale custom jewelry manufacturers & suppliers of the latest and trendy collections of online jewellery.We are a verified wholesale Indian jewelry supplier on,,,, Flipkart for the last 20 years.

Striving to provide the best material for the most affordable prices, we offer B2B Wholesale Fashion Imitation Jewellery Online Market Platform. Our goal is to offer maximum satisfaction to all of our customers through our quality products & services. Your trust in us makes us one of the best Online jewellery Wholesaler and suppliers in Jaipur. Buying from an already established wholesale manufacturer means there’s no need to separately promote the brand name. Purchasing from a known B2B custom jewelry supplier can reduce the promotional cost in a great way. And we are serving our customers from 2000, we offer uncompromised quality products for the most affordable prices.

Best Wholesale Gemstone Jewellery Suppliers India – Get wholesale custom fine jewelry manufacturers and designers from India’s Top Jewellery Manufacturers, Suppliers, Wholesalers, Wholesale, Exporters. Buy Best Handmade Wholesale Jewelry in India for Men, Women & Girls Online at Canberra’s Best Online Wholesale Shopping Store. Check out our latest wholesale Jewelry design Prices, Ratings & Reviews at Silvesto India one of the top private label jewelry manufacturers in India.

Wholesale Custom Jewelry Manufacturer 

 Silvesto India (P) Ltd. is an elegant jewelry store where you can purchase jewelry at inexpensive prices. If you are in search of a customized jewelry manufacturer then this is the area for you to flourish in the customized jewelry markets. Silvesto India (P) Ltd. is one of the most relied on manufacturers who guarantee you about their fine and standard. It is additionally a heaven for jewelry lovers, with their modern day sketch and you can purchase rings to preserve your trend announcement update. 

Whether it is a man or a lady, a piece of customized jewelry is appreciated and fancied utilizing both. There are limitless and various patterns of customized jewelry suggestions reachable as customized jewelry diagrams on-line as nicely as in the market these days or you can immediately seek advice from the group of the Silvesto India (P) Ltd. crew of customized best jewelry manufactures in Jaipur. 

We are accomplice authorized and referred to title amongst and as a customized gold jewelry dressmaker and manufacturer, wholesale custom jewelry manufacturers, and customized silver gemstone jewelry designer and manufacturer. We are experts in each historical and contemporary set of jewelry. We think about ourselves as a first-rate corporation to has a partnership or a commercial enterprise with.

A passionate romantic actual customized jewelry is what most of the ladies in this world ought to have fantasized about. What provides it as extra elated artwork is its purity. Much like any different passionate merchandise, customized jewelry is additionally popularized amongst youths mainly the one which is simpler to rise in all places and each time. The couples additionally fancy this species of passionate creation. However, this is no longer restricted to females or couples only.

If you are looking out for the gemstone jewelry manufacturers, you will straight away or subsequently come to the most celebrated title of the Silvesto India (P) Ltd.

Design your own Custom Jewelry Online in India at Silvesto India 

Looking for Custom Jewelry? Get customized jewelry for Men, Women & Girls with photo, text or logo as per your brand requirement. Customise jewelry with logo, photo, or message. If you are looking for custom jewelry products like custom ankletscustom braceletscustom necklacescustom pendantscustom ringscustom earringscustom silver jewelry, so on and so forth, you can get it from Silvesto India . Simply, choose the design from the collection and choose the size. You can easily order custom jewelry online at Silvesto India. You just have to visit, then click on the Custom Jewelry section, now you will navigate to our Customization Panel where you can design the Jewelry and put the quantity and other details. Finally, place the order.Personalized jewelry is available in hundreds of color and style options.

Silvesto India is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of silver, gemstome, & 925 Silver Jewellery, and Solitaires in India, since its inception in 2000.

Silvesto India offers wholesale custom jewelry products. About 7% % of these are loose gemstone, 2%% are stone beads, and 1%% are jewelry findings & components.
A wide variety of wholesale indian jewelry options are available to you, such as alloy, silver and brass.

For custom jewelry help with our company’s online presence, check out custom jewelry services from India.

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Get Private Label Jewelry Manufacturing at Silvesto India (P) Ltd.

Best Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers from India, Silvesto India is custom Jewelry manufacturer for small to large private label jewellery brands worldwide.

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Silver Jewellery Manufacturers & Wholesalers from India

We are one of the best silver jewellery manufacturers and wholesalers suppliers in India. We always provide the best in quality & trendy jewellery. Silvesto India are one of the India’s leading importers and wholesalers of high quality, non-branded sterling silver. Get wholesale handmade jewellery, wholesale silver jewellery, wholesale costomized jewellery and wholesale rings, wholesale necklace sets, wholesale necklace pendants, wholesale anklets, wholesale indian earrings for Mens, Girls & Women’s, wholesale hoop earrings, wholesale silver rings, wholesale silver earrings, wholesale gemstone suppliers, wholesale kundan jewellery, wholesale bracelets, wholesale mens rings, custom rings for Men & Women from Silvesto India.

Silvesto India – World’s largest Jewelry Manufacturer

Silvesto India, the world’s largest jewelry maker, moves from mined to lab-created handmade silver and gemstone jewellery.

Shop from the wide range of Silver Jewellery & online for men, women & girls from India’ top wholesale silver jewellery manufacturers. Buy earrings, rings, bracelet & more type of Silver Jewellery at Silvesto India. On top of the gemstone list are the four precious gemstones – the diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies. Buy Gemstone jewelry online from Silvesto India. Silvesto India provides the gemstones engagement rings, gemstones pendants, gemstones bracelets in latest gemstone jewellery designs. An adorable collection of gemstone jewellery online for worldwide shipping.

Most Luxurious Jewelry Brands In The World

Silvesto India is one of the most iconic Indian jewelry company. Silvesto India is no doubt a well known brand of luxury jewelery products, from silver jewelry to gemstone to 925 silver jewelry. Silvesto India is one of the best jewelry designers are worth a place in your jewelry box—shop our favorite jewelry items, here. Jewelry Labels to Invest In Now. Silvesto India are now known not only in India but in many parts of the world including ITALY, GREECE, SPAIN, BRAZIL, TURKEY AND PAKISTAN, NEW YORK,USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, Argentina, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bhutan, Canada, Hong Kong.

Online Shopping For Silver, Imitation, Artificial Jewellery For Women, Mens & Girls

Shop Latest Collection Of Designer Gemstone Jewellery Online at Silvesto India. Buy from a wide range of Necklaces, Earrings, Bangles, Pendants, Tikkas, Payals & more.

Top Jewellery Manufacturing Companies in India

One of the best gems and jewelry companies in India, Silvesto India – Top Indian Jewellery Brands and the world’s premier jeweler since 2000. Discover the finest selection of Genuine Gemstone Jewelry Collection, silver jewelry, engagement rings, and gifts.

We’ll help you find the best jewelry stores in India. Locating the right jeweler can save you a bundle and lead to a wonderful long term relationship. Silvesto India provides the gemstones engagement rings, gemstones pendants, gemstones bracelets.

Looking for Handmade Personalised Jewellery? See our selection of fine Jewelry, silver jewelry, gemstone jewelry, and gold jewelry created by Indian artisans at Silvesto India is a popular and largest jewellery brand in India. Buy Customized Jewellery Online in India from Silvesto India. Personalized jewelry is always the perfect gift idea to give to someone for a special event, occasion, or for no particular reason at all. Send Personalized name necklace, silver rings to men, women, kids, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend for Birthday, Anniversary. Get Custom Men’s Rings, custom engraved rings, personalized rings for her, personalized rings for him, personalized rings with names, custom Earrings, custom Pendants, Bracelets, Necklaces, Silver Jewellery, Personalised Bracelets, Personalised Rings, Personalised Keychains, Personalised Jewellery.

Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers Online

Silvesto India (P) Ltd. – Indian Wholesaler for online shopping of designer wholesale jewellery, Jewellery Making Materials, Jewellery for men and women,Handmade Brass Jewelry, Gemstone jewelry online including gemstones engagement rings, gemstones pendants, gemstones bracelets in various designs,Semi Precious Stone Jewelry, Semi Precious Gemstone Beads, Semi Precious beads for jewellery making in high quality, Loose Gemstones, Loose gemstones for jewelry making, stones for jewelry making, color stone jewelry,Coloured Stones pastable for Jewellery Making-All Colours,Natural stones for jewelry making, Stone Beads, Stones for jewelry making wholesale, Silver Ornaments, Designer Silver Pooja Ornaments, Temple Jewellery, Temple Set Jewellery , Temple Jewellery Set for Women Online, Temple Jewellery Bridal Sets For A Wedding Look,

Visit our website to choose from our wide range of Silver & Gemstone Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Bangles, Bracelets, Necklaces.

Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturers & Suppliers at Wholesale Prices

Silvesto India is a wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer & supplier based in Jaipur. It has been known as a reliable partner to major customers and retailers for the manufacture of luxury jewellery and OEM jewellery since the 2000. We manufacture for gems jewellers and jewellery brands in Australia, Auckland, Canada, Chicago, USA, India, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria BC, New York City and worldwide.

Looking for reliable gemstone manufacturing company? Silvesto India is a loose gemstones, astrological stone manufacturers producing exceptional handmade silver gemstone jewelry since 2000, operating in the wholesale area. All these years, we focus in design, in the very high quality of our jewelry and consistency towards our customers. These are our principles and we constantly strive for them.

Get handmade gemstone jewelry with unique latest custom design and affordable price. Choose from a wide range of bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings in pure silver, 925 sterling silver, gold K14 or K18, with diamonds, precious and semiprecious stones.

Shop wholesale jewelry of precious, semi precious and gemstone jewellery from Silvesto India.

Wholesale Silver Jewelry Manufacturer

If you are looking for a trusted brand to buy wholesale silver jewelry online for women, girls & men Online, then rest your search here. Silvesto India is Leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Wholesale Silver jewelry. At Silvesto India, we source only the highest quality, natural materials for our sterling silver jewelry, from natural gemstones to freshwater pearls.As silver jewellery wholesalers & wholesale silver jewelry manufacturer. We introduce you to our vast range of sterling silver production for the price our competitors can’t beat.  Sterling silver jewellery is our specialty. We offer silver jewelry at wholesale prices. Pendants. necklaces, earrings, bangles, bracelets, and rings.

Get wholesale silver jewelry online from Silvesto India, the best Indian manufacturer providing gemstone and silver charms at wholesale prices. Buy wholesale sterling silver jewelry online from India. As jewelry factory & supplier from India, we wholesale solid 925 sterling silver jewelry only.

Handmade Jewelry: Handmade Silver Rings – Jewellery for Men and Women

Handmade Jewelry : As the name suggests, there is hand-made jewelry, that is, it is such jewelry that is made by hand rather than by machines.

No festival, event or wedding in our country is complete without wearing jewellery. There is a great demand for jewelery not only in India but also in other countries. Therefore, its market is also quite large. People want to buy different designs of bangles, necklaces, earrings etc. But, are you one of those people who like to make their own handmade jewellery?

What type of handmade jewelry sells best?

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings are the most popular but there are many other ways people accessories with jewels and metal that tend to be less focused on. Although not all of these would be classified as “jewelry”, they’re still great options if beads, jewels, and silversmithing are what interest you. 

Best Handmade Jewelry Manufacturers & Suppliers 

Looking for wholesale handmade jewellery manufacturers to buy bulk handmade jewelry items? Silvesto India is leading world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of handmade jewellery wholesale.

Silvesto India is a Silver and Gemstone Handmade Jewelry Manufacturer located in Jaipur. For more than 20 years, Silvesto India has serviced Clients and Jewelry Brands across the world in Design and Manufacturing Services for Quality Jewelry. Through 20 years our focus has been on the growth of internal teams, providing quality service for clients, expansion of production and technologies, adaptation to client requirements and improving efficiency.

Our success has been because of our team and walking hand-in-hand with clients who continue to come back because our philosophy has always been  to grow together with our clients. Silvesto India is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) Company where we also have our own internal collection, but focus on building for clients specialized products for their requirements as well as one-of-a-kind unique designs. Our mission, success, commitment, and growth has allowed us now to service clients in more than 140 countries around the world. We welcome you to click through our website and contact us further for more information.

Jewellery Making Supplies Wholesale | Jewellery Making Materials & Jewelry Findings Online

Jewelry making supplies online at wholesale prices. Get best offer on jewelry making materials & jewelry findings. Jewelry supplies for Anklets, Bracelets, Necklaces, Pendant,Rings, Earrings and
Silver Jewelry etc. Silvesto India Offers wholesale silver jewelry online for Women, Girls & Men Online like beads, pendants, Chains, Findings etc.

Silvesto India – World’s #1 Wholesale Beads, Wholesale Gemstone and Jewelry Making Supplies

Silvesto India (P) Ltd. is World’s one of the largest leading suppliers of wholesale jewelry making supplies offering you an exclusive collection of crafts and materials. We are a top wholesale beads, findings and jewelry-making supplier bringing you the best quality jewellery making materials at your doorstep.

Buy Temple Set Jewellery Online

Temple Set Jewellery – Shop for Temple Jewellery necklace set Online from Silvesto India is one the top Temple Jewelry Manufacturers & Suppliers from India. Get the exclusive collection of Wholesale Temple Jewellery in latest designs of bharatanatyam jewellery, temple jewellery necklace, temple jewellery mangalsutra,wedding temple jewellery set for marriage, traditional temple jewellery set for marriage,temple earrings, temple jewellery earrings, silver temple jewellery, temple of the sun jewelry,antique temple jewellery, temple jewellery bangles, temple jewellery choker, temple jewellery jhumkas, bharatanatyam ornaments, Traditional Kemp Jewellery, bridal temple jewellery set, temple jewellery pendant, temple choker necklace, antique temple jewellery set for marriage, temple stone jewelry, temple jewellery south indian imitation jewellery online shopping on Silvesto India.

Shop Wholesale Temple Jewellery at Best Prices

Temple jewellery sets refer to pieces of jewellery that are crafted to depict gods and goddesses.Check out our temple jewellery selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our jewellery sets store. Our Bharatanatyam Jewellery set has all ornaments including choker and Oddiyanam.Get the best deals on temple jewellery when you shop the largest online selection at Silvesto India. Temple jewellery designs – Shop online exclusive collection of 1 gram gold, silver, gemstone, 925 sterling silver temple jewellery at Silvesto India, We offer latest design temple jewelry sets at best price. Temple Jewellery Bridal Sets For A Wedding Look. Make a style statement with South Indian jewellery collections from Silvesto India. Shop for Beautifully Handmade, Joyous Designer Fashion Temple jewellery like necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. All jewelry is one of a kind made with freshwater pearls, gemstones, and sterling silver.

Best Temple Jewelry Manufacturers

Silvesto India (P) Ltd. is one of the top manufacturers & suppliers of temple jewelry from India. The Silvesto India (P) Ltd., has jewelry manufacturing temple jewelry factory in Jaipur, the pink city of India, known for their renowned creation and authentic works since 2000. From the casting of sterling silver and aventurine gemstone temple jewelry to gold and diamond jewelry, the Silvesto India manufactures all of the mentioned ones and many more.

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How do I buy wholesale jewelry for resale?

Guide to Buying Wholesale Jewelry for Resale. Jewelry is popular among many retailers, as it’s inexpensive to stock and works as a gift and personal accessory. Wholesale jewelry dealers offer some amazing deals, letting you keep up with and cash in on demand for the latest trends. However, if you’re not careful, you could choose the wrong wholesaler, or you could purchase the wrong amount for your needs. Check out this guide for some helpful tips on navigating this complex market.

How Does Buying Wholesale Work?

Looking for Best Place to Buy Women Indian Silver Gemstone Jewellery Online On Wholesale? You’re likely keenly aware that lowering your overhead on inventory acquisition and operations gives you more room to turn a profit. That means if you can stock your store for less, your business will make more money. This is made possible by wholesalers, who sell product in bulk to businesses for less than they would pay at retail. Wholesalers can then pass on these savings to you, allowing you to stock more of a certain product or a greater variety.

Tips for Buying Wholesale Jewelry for Resale

With jewelry being a prime market to turn over product, there’s also a great opportunity to buy it wholesale. Here are some tips for doing this successfully as a small business:

  • Find a Good Wholesale Supplier
  • Guard Against Fakes by Checking Product Descriptions
  • Don’t Go All-In the First Time
  • Pricing Wholesale Jewelry
  • Pay Attention to Trends
  • Get Creative With Deals and Promotions
  • Balance Supply and Demand (and Always Work to Increase the Demand)
  • Take Advantage of Peak Seasons
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